Epoxy combines Custom Seamless Flooring, Decorative Concrete Finishes and Industrial Coatings.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a chemical compound created to serve a variety of purposes, more simply known as a two part component where a chemical reaction takes place to create excellent adhesion as one Of its many properties.
With advancements in technology and research epoxy has gained immense popularity due to its constant evolvement in time, not only as an adhesion product but also a product which can resist and protect against the harshest chemicals when applied as a topping/mortar or coatings in the Automotive, hospitality or retail industry just to name a few.
At Epoxy Pro Flooring we are proud to be part of this vastly growing and advancing industry.  

Epoxy Pro Flooring specialises in all aspects of the following systems:

We provide our services all scales of large commercial, industrial and residential areas including:

Our installers are certified and a committed in providing the best quality with combined experience in excess of 15 years, whether you need a decorative floor that will resist high traffic or simply want to enhance the look of your outdoor or garage area – we have you covered.



Most installations can be completed within 1 to 3 days depending on the coating system used.

All residential applications have a two year limited warranty against peeling (delamination), staining, and material defects. If cracks and other repairs which give way due to the shifting of the substrate below are not warranted.

Before we install the epoxy coating, we will repair the cracks and pop outs in your floor.

Yes, an epoxy floor is very strong and durable, but it can still be damaged mechanically or if the substrate (concrete underneath) were to be damaged. For example, if you were to drag a heavy object with steel legs across it. An epoxy floor can be scratched just like regular concrete can be scratched. An epoxy floor will be very durable and last for years looking beautiful with reasonable care.

For a light cleaning just use a broom, dust mop, or leaf blower. Simple ammonia water applied with a mop works great for a deeper cleaning.

You’ll want to stay away from soaps because these leave a film, which, when wet, become very slippery.

Our process utilizes a dustless grinding system and leaves very little mess.

Depending on the time of year and temperature, you can normally walk on surface within 24 – 48 hours and drive on surface within 3 to 5 days.

Yes; For outdoor patios, sidewalks, breezeways, porches, and steps.

A flake system floor gives a texture feel to it and is normally no more slippery than regular concrete when wet. If you have a concern about slippage, we can add a slip resistant additive to the topcoats which will make the floor more skid resistant.



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